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Collectible and Art Deco

1930's Emerson Electric Company

12 inch pedestal brass bladed fan


1930's Wright Industries Zephyr AirKooler

an 8 inch gooseneck single speed fan

a true example of the art deco age

polished aluminum restored    Sold

Circa late 1920's Emerson Electric Company

9 inch, 3 speed, oscillator desk or wall mount fan

brass blade, steel cage, older restoration

a great little fan - $500


Circa 1920's Emerson Electric Company

  brass blade, 3 speed, desk/wall mount fans.

"Built to Last" 12 and 16 inch models

restored $550 and up

some colors available


Circa 1910 - 1920 Emerson Electric Company

Smooth step base, brass blade, brass cage, non-oscillating, 

three speed desk/wall mount fans - 8, 12 and 16 inch

restored $800 and up


Circa 1930's Emerson Electric Company

12 inch Silver Swan desk fan

Original great condition mahogany brown and chrome

a collectors dream!  $675

Circa 1930's  Emerson Electric Company

10 inch Silver Swan desk fan

deco black and chrome finish

restored  $575


Circa 1900 -1910 Emerson Electric Company

Ornate base, brass blade, brass cage

non-oscillating fan, wall mounted for that

"Classic Early American Look "  !!

Black lacquer finish -- $1050 & up

call or e-mail for price and availability 



Circa 1934  Robbins & Myers Company

Modernistic Art Deco Fan,   finished in white lacquer,

a non-oscillating 8 inch fan.

Ornate brass badge on base,   with original brass switch.

restored   $850


Circa 1930's Emerson Electric Company

Type 6250AA  10 inch Pedestal fan

Highly polished aluminum blades,

black and chrome deco finish.

restored  $ 750

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Circa 1930's Emerson Electric Company

8 inch non-oscillating, single speed   "Junior Fan"

Great desk fan - White lacquer paint, polished silver blade,

black cloth twist wiring, with nice little brass badge on cage.

Restored - $350

Circa 1930 Westinghouse Electric Company

10 or 16 inch Debonaire Fan

Truly a great deco fan from the 1930's

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